A Place 2 Stay - how and who ...

A Place 2 Stay is what we all need. You are new to Amsterdam or for whatever reason you need a new place 2 stay.

We or actully Henk is A Place 2 Stay. Unlike other agents he works the other way around, he represents home owners who for whatever reason let their home. They work themselves abroad, are retired or are travelling the world. There are many reasons why these places are available but what binds them is that they are homes of high quality that otherwise would not be available.

Yes it is usually a definite period but in that time you will live like an Amsterdammer.

For the landlord, Henk is the one who takes care of his home while he is abroad.

If you are a home owner who wants his place to be taken care of while he is abroad, Henk is available for you.

Ask for everything you want to know on info!@aplace2stay.eu


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